RGM Advisors Mural

Gensler, an architecture firm, was remodeling two stories of the Chase building in downtown Austin for their client, RGM Advisors (an investment bank).

They had seen our “Good Morning Austin” mural”¬†on 5th street, and came to us to design a mural which would be placed in the lounge dining area of the building.

They knew they wanted robots, so we came up with this design.

We decided to paint the mural on Sintra Board which would then be attached to the wall, allowing us to work at the shop (and out of the way of our clients), and also save on cost and time.

The mural covers one wall, and two parts of a wall that hangs from the ceiling.

The top image is a picture of the original design.

The other two photos show the completed mural installed in the building.