Professional Murals by Rory Skagen

Central Texas Murals is a website dedicated to the mural art of Rory Skagen. Rory specializes in murals for homes, business, museums and events. Murals are one of the simplest and most effective way to create a huge visual impact. The right mural can set a mood, reinforce values, or work as a long term advertisement.

With 15 years of experience, Rory Skagen has created a wide assortment of murals in all sizes. Rory prides himself on choosing the right style to fit the clients needs. This site displays the wide variety of styles that Rory has either designed and painted, or painted from someone else’s design. So, please look around. We know you will be surprised by the range of designs, concepts, and painting techniques.

Although based in Austin, Texas, location is no object. Rory will travel to work on your project, and has worked on murals from Utah to South Carolina. Also, Rory has worked on many projects that are painted here in the studio on panels or canvas, and were then shipped to their destination and installed there.

Many people wonder if they can afford a mural or how to get started. Well. if you have a mural concept or design, just contact Rory with an email or phone call, and he would be happy to discuss your project. Generally, the process starts with a discussion of the imagery and purpose, a site visit, and an estimate for design and execution. All murals are unique, and some of the factors that determine price include scale, complexity, location, and the condition of the wall. However, with his experience Rory can always suggest innovative ways to maximize your budget.

So, if you have a need to create an atmosphere in your home, business or museum, or want to create a message or mood for your event, contact Rory today.