Aztec Mural for Casino El Camino

This mural created to finalize the look of the Casino El Camino patio had many challenges.

“Casino”, the owner, wanted to open up his enclosed patio with “windows” that look out onto an Aztec landscape.

The red stucco wall, that matched the tile, already had the skull light sconces in place which we created years earlier.

Furthermore, the texture of the wall was such, that we couldn’t just paint the scene convincingly on the wall.

Therefore, it was decided we would cut into the wall to create openings for the mural to fit into, creating the illusion of architecture in front of a landscape.

The landscape imagery, inspired by 19th century explorer and artist Frederick Catherwood, was painted on wooden panels at the shop using outdoor quality sign paint.

During this process, we also had our team cutting into the wall, framing out the openings, and finally match the existing stucco.

The wall itself was then painted to resemble an ancient stone wall, matching the rest of the walls in the patio.