Many people wonder if they can afford a mural or how to get started. Well. if you have a mural concept or design for you home or business, just contact Rory with an email or phone call, and he would be happy to discuss your project. Generally, the process starts with a discussion of the imagery and purpose, a site visit, and an estimate for design and execution. All murals are unique, and some of the factors that determine price include scale, complexity, location, and the condition of the wall.

Typically, once the design estimate is approved, a payment for half of the design work is required. Once the design is approved, the remainder of the design fee, plus 50% of the painting estimate is required before work can be started gathering materials and painting the mural. The remainder of the balance is due upon completion.

To get a feel for what some a mural project might cost I have outlined a few of my projects below.

Schlotzsky’s Deli

Rory Skagen did 17 of these murals around the nation. These 7′ x 5′ murals on rough brick are based on a design provided by Schlotzsky’s Deli. Because of the complexity of the design, and the rough texture of the wall these murals were $2,000.00 dollars a piece. If the store’s location was over 80 miles out of town, a standard mileage and expense allowance was added.

See the finished mural: Scholtzsky’s Deli Project

Good Morning Austin

After discussing the project with the client, a design fee of $1,200.00 dollars was determined. Because of the simplicity of the design and color scheme, and the addition of the large self promotional website address on this busy Austin street, the 14′ x 27′ mural was only $3,500.00 total.

See the finished mural: Good Morning Austin Project

Diluth Theatre Mural

The manager of Zinema 2 Theatre was once a long time resident of Austin, and was looking for a mural for their new theatre in Diluth, Minnesota. Rory gave the estimate of $2000.00 for the design and $25,600.00 dollars for the painting, or a total of $27,600.00 for the entire project.

To save the client money in traveling expenses, instead of going to Minnesota and painting the 21 ‘ x 30’ mural on site, the mural was painted on 1/4″ thick veneer board here in the studio. Once the painting was completed, it was shipped to Minnesota and installed by their contractor.

The complexity and scale of the mural influenced the price of the mural. By creating the panels in the shop, and then assembling the panels on site, the client was able to significantly reduce the cost of the project.

See the finished mural: Diluth Theature Mural Project